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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Helpful Man-gift Ideas for Women

Ladies! – Still looking for that gift to buy to show your devotion to the man of your dreams? Here are my recommendations:

The Man Wall.

You get four TV’s hooked up to a 1200-watt home theater system, 5-disk DVD player/changer, i-pod docking station, built-in keg-o-rater, microwave oven, two cigar humidors, 32-bottle wine rack, snack cabinet and at the top, a 7 foot long sports ticker driven by a dedicated computer. With careful planning up to 12 college games can be viewed on one game-day Saturday. Could there be any better way to say, "I love you," than the gift of the Man Wall?

The base model sells very reasonably for under $14,900.00. Most effectively used when installed in a dedicated man cave, but placement against a large blank wall in the center of the living room can also be made to work – an important consideration in these tougher economic times.

During half-time, your guy and his buddies will want to eat American so how about ordering some U.S.D.A. Choice, Land of Liberty steaks to throw on the grill?

This can also be a great opportunity to show your patriotism, especially those of you with a hunger to serve your country.

And while the steaks are cooking why not bring out some appetizers skewered in manly fashion with a cocktail nail rather than a little frou-frou plastic, fringe-top toothpick? Guys generally feel more at ease in the presence of hardware hospitality. For you ladies who are married, this item can greatly help your husband’s buddies feel a sense of acceptance and belonging in your home.

For those disappointing mismatches when the game is a blowout, interest often wanes and guy-guests may start heading for the door. What better way to keep the crowd entertained and in your home than with this foosball table?

No more waiting for a chance to play when you’ve got one of these babies. Everybody plays all the time and the games can go on all night, one after the other. Also, you can spread out the man-mob through several rooms rather than trying to cram everyone into the living room or study.

To keep things fresh in the powder room, you’ll want a beer candle to light before the first guest arrives. No more competing floral and girlie potpourri scents overwhelming and confusing the senses. With the beer candle burning, the party never ends, even when you have to stop to take care of business.

Ladies, I trust these suggestions will prove themselves enlightening, helping you think the way a man thinks - an invaluable tactic in successful man-gift selection.

Gifts like these can’t help but deepen his affection for you, strengthen your relationship with each other and tighten your bond. They say, “I love you,” in the gift language every man understands.

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