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Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Yard Displays - Part 1

I took this snapshot on our way back from dancing tonight. On the far right (I know it's hard to make out so click on the photo) there is a rotating ferris wheel with riding teddy bears. It's just above the baby Jesus scene. I got to pondering the significant investment of time and effort it took to install some of these lighted yard displays, not to mention their off-season storage requirements. Why, I asked myself, do some folks go to such great trouble to put all this in place for such a relatively short time?

Because they must enjoy it a lot, I answered myself.

Yes, but why?

Hmmm.. do I dare trouble my mind by probing the question more deeply? Shouldn't I apply for a Pell Grant or something to study this phenomenon. After all, is anything considered accepted knowledge if it hasn't been quantified? My own reasoning was beginning to bore me and since I was driving and dozing off wasn't a desirable byproduct of my contemplation, I tried to change the subject. My mind, however, just wouldn't let the subject drop.

It is PLAINLY evident that the scope of so much Christmas season yard lighting, not to mention an explosion in the appearance of popular media characters - and even mechanized display activity - far exceeds anything observed in my childhood. Back then, even a string of colored lights across the front gutter was exhibited on only a few homes in the neighborhood and even those were considered showy.

More tomorrow...

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