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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Dog Gifts of Christmas

Adding to all the other pressures of the season how many times have you looked down your shopping list and thought, I really should pick up something for the dog but he’s so darn hard to shop for!

Sure, you can always fall back on the safe, squeaky chew-toy or yet another rawhide bone, but these are so cliché. They fall right in line with other gifts that have been done to death: Tie for Dad, sweater for Mom, deep fat fryer oil for Bubba, fireplug chew-toy for the pooch…

How about something that shows a little imagination, something that’ll make your dog feel like you put a little thought into your shopping this year, that you didn’t just run out to the nearest gas station on Christmas Eve right before closing to pick up the first thing your eyes fell on?

Here are some ideas to help foster holiday happiness with your canine and help you out of the hackneyed-gift rut this year.

Automatic Ball Launcher & Caddy

If your dog is an attention-seeking black hole and you find you just don’t have the energy left after a hard day at work to stand around tossing tennis balls and waiting for the dog to retrieve them, you need to get him one of these. Once you train Ol’ Roy to drop the balls back into the hopper you just stretch out in the hammock, reach down, flip on the switch and let the dog knock himself out while you catch a quick pre-dinner cat nap.

Doggie gets all the exercise you need.

Automatic Pet Fountain

As long as there’s enough garbage in the cans on the side of the house for rooting through you can hook this thing up and leave the dog without returning home for a week. Man’s Best Friend gets all the water he requires, plus, with the automatic sensor there’s no waste, helping to keep your water bill down.

“But I don’t want to leave my dog for a week,” you say. “I like my dog and want to take him with me.”

No problem. This year, get your dog the...

Shoulder Pet Suspension Harness

This ingenious travel accessory provides your pet with the same delightful effect as hanging his head out of the car window, but at the more leisurely pace suitable for taking in the sights - and without the problem of the wind blowing his drool along your side windows. No more leash tangling either, or waiting while your dog has to sniff every object you pass. Whither thou goest, he will go.

Note: This item recommended for little frou-frou dogs only. If you own a real-sized dog, check for availability of “The Double.” The Double harnesses you together with a partner who’s expected to shoulder half the burden, with the dog slung between the two of you. [Warning! – The Double might also operate as a relationship-commitment tester, but this is not intended or implied as a primary function of its design].

So, get going now. If you hurry, it’s still not too late to get the gift that declares to your pet, “You’re not just any dog in my life, you are The One,” without, you know, actually having to say it out loud.

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