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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Eddie Now Pau

Hawai'i's most anticipated elite surfing contest today started and concluded exactly 25 years to the day from the first Eddie Aikau memorial event. Here's a brief summary of the one day Waimea Bay competition:

Winner: Greg Long (San Clemente); Winner's Prize: $55,000 (Scored one of his rides with a perfect 100 points)

Second: Kelly Slater (Florida) $10,000

Third: Sunny Garcia (Hawai'i) $3,000

Fourth: Bruce Irons (Kaua'i) $3,000

Fifth: Ramon Navarro (Chile) $2,000 - Navarro also won the Monster Drop Award for the most bodacious successful take off, scoring a perfect 100 points on the ride and winning a prize of $10,000

Miscellaneous Stats: Waves of up to 50 feet were reported. An estimated crowd of 50,000 spectators watched while packed shoulder to shoulder on the beach and areas beyond. This year's contest ran during a 48 hour period of the most sustained massive surf in the last 40 years.

To watch highlights and for the full report go here

Also the London Daily Mail has some great photos here

Finally, click on comments option at the bottom of the previous post. Gym buddy, Rick, has a personal history overlapping with Eddie Aikau's.

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