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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Perfect Job Fit

What does an ex-leader of the free world do after his term is over? Okay, build a memorial library as a monument to himself, but after that, what?

Considering some of the names drug companies come up with for their products, I’d like to throw out an idea for former President G.H.W. Bush to help fill out his day: Why not become a highly-paid consultant who dreams up names for new drugs? Here’s the scenario:

Phone rings -“Hello, Dubya here.”

Big Pharma Executive: “Hello, Mr. President. We were wondering if you might help us. We want to market a new drug we've developed, one that helps people who have been incapacitated by deep depression. Our product lifts them out of despair so that they can begin to cope with their lives, return to their jobs and function productively. The only problem is, we're having trouble coming up with the right name for it.”

Dubya: “Hold on, let me see if I'm gettin' ya'. You're sayin' If these folks you're talkin' about take this drug, it will help to ABILIFY 'em?”

Big Pharma Executive: “Bingo! Thank you, Mr. President! May we put you on retainer?”

It’s a win-win any way you look at it. The former President gets a cruise job he’s almost uniquely qualified to do, with plenty of time left for golf, and the drug companies can streamline their marketing departments and come up with an endless supply of new drug names that actually describe their purposes!

I only hope the former president doesn’t misunderestimate the immense promise this line of work holds for him.

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