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Thursday, January 14, 2010

People Who Resemble Me

Work has temporarily dried up. While awaiting a green light on our next job, I’ve engaged in a bit of introspection, taking stock of things, so to speak.

In that process, being predominantly a divergent thinker, I haven’t been able to ignore the feeling I keep getting that I’ve seen myself somewhere before.

Engaging in the type of research that profitable employment ordinarily prohibits, I’ve come up with a short list of people who provide a public face on my otherwise privately- led life - and body.

Beginning in my youth…Calvin.

I know, spooky, right?

I don’t know how the cartoonist came up with the idea of making Hobbes a stuffed tiger (I dragged around a silky, black, stuffed kitty for years, myself), but there’s little question that my young face was used as the model for the incorrigible human character in the strip.

In my teen years I exhibited the general, non-descript, gangly, misproportioned features of most other adolescents, so no use wasting time there, except to say I had a fulsome head of well-coiffed hair, just so you know.

Others have noted as well as I that LSU head football coach, Les Miles, though younger than I, resembles me as I looked during the better part of my mid-life years.

On post-game TV interviews, I’ve noticed that even Les’ speech and mannerisms mimic mine. Perhaps our ancestry converges a few branches up. Further, it’s almost surreal but I too might have become the head football coach at a major university, had I been interested at all in that career, had the right training, contacts and job experience and been extraordinarily lucky.

Which brings me to the last analogous face: Glenn Beck.

Glenn most resembles me during my annual, post-holiday, weight gain. I’ve heard him say that he hates exercise, so we’re different there, as I try not to say that out loud.

You’ve probably heard it axiomatically stated that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world. Fascinatingly, I seem to be closer than ever to discovering mine.

h/t to Baby Girl for help with Photoshop

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