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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can everyone hear me in the back…?

This is not a political blog but it is at times topical and does attempt to find some humor in the events and travails of life.

I tried to pass on this but it’s just too ripe with irony.

Below is a photo of the President speaking to a group of 6th grade students at Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia, on Tuesday, January 19, 2010.

This photo appeared in several news sites and has not been photoshopped. With two teleprompters and 3 large speakers, you have to wonder how many hundreds of 6th graders attend Graham Road Elementary.

I can only imagine the scene, but here goes:

President: “I’ll now take any questions you boys and girls may have.”

Student 1: “Mr. President, how many roadies do you have in your entourage?”

President: “I believe I’ll refer you to Mr. Gibbs on that one…Yes.”

Student 2: “Mr. President, why do you have the teleprompters set so high above your head? Isn’t it hard to avoid looking at the ceiling while you’re talking to us? Besides, it makes you to hold your head unusually high and then you look down your nose at us and...oh, wait…, never mind.”

Student 3: “Mr. Presidents, how DO you keep such a neat crease in your trousers?”

President: “If you’ll excuse me now boys and girls I have a lunch appointment with some important bank…,er,uh..., some important economic advisers. Thank you for your attention. It’s been a pleasure to speak to you.”

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