photo by EfrankE

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Hair Up There

It had been three to four weeks, so today it was time for another haircut. I’m still trying to resolve the cognitive dissonance that occurs by looking at my reflection uninterruptedly for twenty minutes, or so. My mind cannot seem to accept that what’s in front of me isn’t some kind of distorting, carnival mirror that stretches the width of the reflected image.

My barberette was in true form:

She: “Your hair’s gotten long this time.”

I: “Think I should go for the Mohawk?”

She: Manages polite, yet undoubtedly fake, smile with no comment.

I: “Okay, then what about a Faux-hawk?”

We finally settled on a No-hawk, which closely resembles “The Usual.”

To help attach an increase in status to the style that has become my last stop along the hairstyle option spectrum before the “Michael Jordan” terminus, henceforth "The Usual" will be re-named after former University of Hawaii, and now SMU, head football coach, June Jones.

In the future, when, or more probably, if my barberette ever again asks me how I want it, I’m going to request the “June Jones.” That’s June Jones, not June Cleaver, got it?

The "June Jones" (formerly, a.k.a, the "No-Hawk")

The "June Cleaver" (not recommended for most men)

The "Michael Jordan" (a.k.a. the "Hair Graveyard")


  1. Micheal Jordan could just grow out his mustache and use it for a comb-over. Start a new trend.

  2. Hmm...so what you're suggesting is sort of a modified Donald Trump,... I like it!

  3. I mow my husband about every two or three weeks with the clippers set on "2" .... some stubble, but pretty short, so he does't feel like a plucked chicken at least .... he has areas like yours... kinda sparse...