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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Whatever Happened to the Little Rascals?

I watched reruns of the Little Rascals on our old black & white TV set on afternoons when I was in elementary school. My kids watched them on video release back in the 1980's. I think my parents, at least my mother, watched the original releases during their/her childhood.

There was something about the creativity and can-do attitude of the Our Gang group that, more than just their escapades and antics, appealed strongly to our young hearts.

The short black & white films placed the Little Rascals in their own inventive and engaging world, an adult-imitative but child-centered one, and one we could easily picture ourselves in, as well.

Following their young acting careers, life for the series' child stars became harder and, in many cases, ended tragically.

This link is to a web page summarizing the adult lives of many of those featured in the Our Gang films.


  1. I always loved that show....ummmm....not that I'm old enough to know what you're talking about I mean;-)

  2. We WERE the little rascals when we were kids. We had the motley collection of kids that was "the neighbourhood gang"...the parents who didn't really know or care where we were most of the time.... we had the big plans and great imaginations... I wonder where the heck some of them are now?

    how are ye? quiet over here in Lotus land.... looking at the ocean? sigh.... that would be loverly.....hope you find some work soon....my husband's latest stint just ended as well. No work for at least a month from the look of things right now. And..no work on the books for the forseeable future as far as larger jobs is concerned.... . even oil and gas big money is tight..... they are not opening wallets just yet... no building...no exploring...