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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Politicians Orate, and I Go, Huh?

I want to try to get to bed early tonight so I’m going to try to clear my mind here of a few statements by the political leadership of the country that jump the rails of the logic lines most of us are born with.

Today, the president again stated that it is impractical to enforce the country’s immigration laws, given that there are 11 million illegals in the United States and the manpower is just not there to do the job.

Huh? Given that there are about 138 million taxpayers in the country, using the same logic, why wouldn’t he declare that it is impractical to enforce income tax laws in the United States? Presumably, it would take more manpower to enforce these much more complex laws. Oh, right, I just remembered, the government is hiring 16,000 more IRS agents to enforce compliance with the new health care bill. Perhaps that’s why there isn’t the manpower available to enforce immigration laws and provide border security.

Still, that is not the greatest inconsistency in his argument. There are three others:

1.) He supports a system that holds undocumented immigrants “accountable” by having them pay a fine, pay taxes, learn English and become citizens. Huh? If we cannot hold them accountable to existing immigration laws, what logic is there in assuming they will find it desirable to be accountable to a list of requirements they can already ignore? Especially, if enforcement manpower is impractical?

2.) The president further stated regarding immigration reform, “I’m ready to move forward, the majority of Democrats are ready to move forward and I believe the majority of Americans are ready to move forward… Reform that brings accountability to our immigration system cannot pass without Republican votes. That is the political and mathematical reality.”

Huh? Actually, Mr. President your Democratic party holds the Executive branch of the government as well as both bodies of the Legislative branch. You passed a widely unpopular health care bill under the same conditions. How can you say you don’t have the votes? The Republicans have been little more than eyewash since your election.

3.) He asserts that we cannot remove illegal aliens because they have become woven into the fabric of the country. Huh? Couldn’t organized crime syndicates be excused using the same reasoning? Have a look at the movie, The Godfather.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is seen here on video stating that unemployment checks are the fasted way to create jobs. Again I say, huh? Do the unemployed use the money to help capitalize new businesses and industries, or apply it through investment to the most market-efficient allocation? That’s how jobs are formed. Otherwise, taking money from A (whether a current earner or one yet unborn) and giving it to unemployed B doesn’t grow the economy one dollar or create new, at least in any sustainable sense, jobs.

I’ve gotten used to politicians lying blatantly. What really disgusts me is when they treat us like morons, which they do when they speak in ignorance, factual error and logically inane statements, and then attack us with ad hominem insults when we disagree with them or call them out on their unsupported assertions.

And by the way, a tax increase at this stage, without iron-clad budget and spending reductions is like tying the economy to an anvil before throwing it off the bridge.


  1. I wanted to become an illegal immigrant in the states. The weather down south is nicer than here but now with the oil spill......not so much. BP has ruined my dream.

  2. Hawai'i is still pretty nice, especially if your washing machine doesn't break down and the repair parts are on factory back-order, probably in some factory in China.

    Canada and the U.S. should have the most relaxed border relations. In addition to geographical proximity,our similarities in origin, history and law and culture would suggest sharing special favor with one another.

    I've never seen the monument, but I understand that the International Peace Arch on the U.S.-Canadian border at Vancouver, B.C. contains twin inscriptions on opposite sides of the archway as one passes from one country to another. One inscription reads, "Children of a Common Mother (Great Britain)." The other side reads, "Brethren Living Together in Unity." It would be hard to say the same about the U.S. and another country. Living in peace allows prosperity to increase. Our nation is blessed to have Canada as our closest neighbor and "brother."

  3. part of the problem with even attempting to get rid of illegal immigrants in the U.S. (and in most places for that matter) is that nobody else will do most of the jobs those people are now doing. And, further to that.... why was anybody allowed to hire them in the first place without proper documentation or agree to pay them under the table in order to get away with not paying employer taxes and benefits and also in order to get away with paying them less than adequate wages? Our whole system is so corrupt that it is indeed impossible to enforce or change laws, rules and expectations that are already in place.

  4. Agreed. Illegal immigration is tolerated so that elites can have cheap maids, gardeners and a pool boy with their social costs paid for mostly by other taxpayers.

    Re: System corruption -

    Of the last six governors of the state from which our current president won election previously as senator, two served or are serving time in prison and the current governor is on trial at present for trying to sell the seat vacated by the president when he was elected.

    Coincidentally, this same state has the most underfunded pension program in the country and pays millions of dollars more than any other state to insure its debt. The governor wants to borrow another $3.5 billion to cover one year's worth of pension payments, with the interest expected to cost about $1 billion.

    Government at all levels in this country has had far more power than accountability and, in exchanging for votes, legislation that favored one person or organization at the expense of others, has run up bills that cannot be covered by taxpayers and has destroyed economic viability for many, many families as a result.

    Government has way too much power, structurally. Freedom and opportunity of the individual citizen are being demolished.