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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wearin' of the Green, Drinkin' of the Whiskey

Today is Saint Patrick's Day. For most people, I suspect it has as much personal significance as National Barbed Wire Appreciation Day (use your imagination to think of the responses to Jay Leno asking people on the sidewalks of New York who St. Patrick was).

For years and years, St. Patrick's Day seemed to stand head and shoulders above any other holiday whose celebration represented little more than a shallow pretext for questionable behavior. Mardi Gras could be considered a regional challenger, I suppose, as would specific home cities on the night their teams win an NHL or NBA championship game. But what other day across this great nation of ours produces such a consensus on the appropriateness of consuming too much alcohol? New Year's Eve? Maybe, but how many people use St. Patrick's Day to resolve to improve themselves?

Now, with changing demographics, Cinqo de Mayo is on the ascendancy and may soon surpass St. Patrick's Day as the national day of poorest excuse for personal irresponsibility. We shall see.

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