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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is This Really Necessary?

The U.S., currently fighting in two undeclared wars in the Middle East, now has about a dozen warships being positioned in the Persian Gulf against Iran, presumably to be employed militarily in yet another conflict politicians have neither the will nor strategy for winning.

Senator Alan Simpson has said, viewable on video at youtube.com, that within the last month or so, the Social Security system started paying out more than it is taking in.

The Gulf of Mexico is being destroyed by oil and chemicals jetting out of the ocean floor at pressures that defy current technology’s capabilities to resist.

Joblessness and underemployment continue to weaken the economy and harm families’ abilities to manage themselves, while government “borrowing” reaches forward to enslave yet additional future generations under burdensome debt.

After adding another $3.1 trillion to the deficit, the economy is still faltering. Banks are failing at twice the rate of a year ago and the FDIC has used up its reserve funds.

In the face of this and other national problems of crisis proportions, the U.S. president has pushed for legislation to do what?

Create more walking paths and biking lanes. $1.2 billion dollars worth.

Setting aside whether or not this type of activity necessarily falls under the purview of the federal government, is this really the wisest utilization of resources by a government teetering on the brink of bankruptcy? Will this "investment" contribute to commerce and lasting growth in employment?

Perhaps this strikes others differently, but when I read of fiascos like this, I have to wonder if certain of our leaders are in touch with reality at all. My daughters, serving as babysitters in their early teen years, executed their duties far more responsibly.


  1. War and war related spin off business is huge bucks.... maybe they figure that will boost the economy.

    But...I am in total agreement.... not one so called "leader" is ever in touch with reality.... who even knows where they came from... probably under some damn big rock. And...it seems that even if they did come from more or less the regular run of the mill society...which they usually haven't....they soon forget all about where they came from and put as much turf between that and where they are going as possible. And where are they going? ...just up... up and awaaaayyyy.... into better and far bigger dwellings...driving better and bigger vehicles (regardless of the price of gas or the problems associated with it) or being driven by chauffeurs..... sigh.... it'll never end... I predict it'll just get worse. They don't give a damn about the general populace.... it's all about number one now baby!

    But... geeez...let's get more of those walking paths, eh? .... as if anybody will use them. They are all sitting around in front of their damn tv's or computers or talking on their phones while driving their honking big SUVs....wondering why they weigh 400 lbs.!

  2. Vee, you've given me ideas for another three or so posts on subjects you've raised.

    Indeed, war can be a lucrative business, especially for the elite class. Our current presidents has repeatedly mentioned his esteem for FDR and if we can draw analogies regarding depressions and war, I imagine the prospect of growing jobs and the economy through production of war materiel is working its way up his list of attractive strategies. Personally, I don't think it would work out the way it did in the past.

    Israel has been itching to blast Iran and trying to get the U.S. to support them in this for at least the last four years. One can only imagine that if this happens, the consequences would be dire for most of the world. I hope it doesn't happen, but I'd call the probability a toss up the way things are developing.

    Thanks for your comments, Vee. I agree the populace could do with a little more effort beyond digit punching various electronics. Guess I should get out of here and attend to some kind of exertion myself.