photo by EfrankE

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fixing Women's Problems

As a natural born and always-have-been male, I always assume that when women share their feelings they are looking to me for advice as to how to fix their problems. Often, I’m able to do this in a quick sentence or two while rapidly switching between the three or four TV programs I’m watching all at the same time.

Amazing as it sounds, sometimes I can come up with advice before a particular woman has even finished speaking. Why waste time if the solution is obvious, right?

This extraordinary gift, which should be revered, seems to generate little gratitude in response. Baffling as it sounds, anger is the most frequent follow-up response I get.

I guess the only thing I could compare to it would be the response on the part of the populace to the passage of the health care reform bill.


  1. yep...the reason women don't like me...I offer logic and solutions...exactly what they don't want.

  2. Yeah, well that would probably disqualify you from political election, unless you can lie convincingly, but I don't think you'd be unwelcome around most of the guys I know.